Wyatt's Family

From Left: Brooklyn, Gavin, Monique, Parker(in Monique's lap), Casey, Wyatt(in Casey's lap)

Thank you for taking the time to read our family's story. Like so many parents of diabetic children, our journey has been one of fear, followed by acceptance, blessed with understanding, and fueled by faith in God to see us through.

On February 8, 2014, I noticed that our 3 year old son, Wyatt, was consuming a very large amount of fluids. He was constantly thirsty and was drinking water and sports drinks almost every time I looked at him. After 2 days of this, we decided we needed to bring him to the doctor.

On February 11th we brought him to his doctor appointment. The doctor ran different test and determined that Wyatt was in DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) and had Type 1 Diabetes. We were transferred to a hospital in another town by ambulance. We spent the next three days learning about Type 1 Diabetes. We had to learn how to check our son’s blood sugar, count carbohydrates, and give him insulin injections before we could go home.

After going home we experienced many highs, many lows, and many firsts in dealing with this disease. After 6 months of the daily stresses involved with treating our child with this disease, the bills began to roll in. On top of all the things we've had to deal with, we now had to choose which bill wasn't getting paid this month due to the cost of diabetes related medications and supplies. These supplies are literally a matter of life and death, so you do not have the option of not getting them. It is our goal that other families do not have to face these circumstances. We feel like if this is the path we are meant to take with Wyatt, then we want to help others who are also facing these difficulties.